Corporate Profile

The brief introduction of Dongying bank

Dongying Bank Co., Ltd., formerly known as Dongying City Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., was established in 2005, and approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission in 2012 to change its name to Dongying Bank. As the only local commercial bank in the Yellow River Delta, Dongying Bank has developed into a regional bank that based on Dongying and covers Binzhou, Zibo, Weifang and Jinan, providing a steady flow of financial power to boost the economy of the Yellow River Delta.

By the end of 2017, our bank developed total of four cross regional branches within Shandong province, 70 urban branches; 1337 employees; The total asset reached 88.2 billion yuan; deposit balance was 60.7 billion yuan; loan balance was 36.2 billion yuan, annual operation profit was 1.3 billion yuan, net profit was 750 million yuan, this business indicators in the domestic same industry are in leading level.

In the performance evaluation of local financial enterprises in the financial department of Shandong province,Dongying Bank has "AAA" excellent for over seven years. Dongying bank is awarded the highest level--level 2 by China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) for over ten years.

As a local commercial bank, Dongying Bank has always set serving the general public, small and medium enterprises as its fundenmental principle. In recent years, seizing the golden opportunity of national development of the efficient economic zone in Yellow River Delta and Blue Economic Zone in Shandong Peninsula, Dongying bank has achieved significant rise in deposits, loans, loan ratio, capital adequacy ratio, profitability and other Indicators with the joint efforts of colleagues in the bank. Our comprehensive strength and cross-regional development capacity has also been consolidated and strengthened.